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Josh Dellar

With a career spanning over four decades in the dynamic realm of hospitality, Josh has consistently demonstrated a passion for culinary excellence, strategic leadership, and business development. Currently serving as a Managing Partner at Navigator Consulting, Josh brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the industry. 

Josh's journey in the hospitality industry commenced in 1982, and since then, he has held various key positions, showcasing his versatility and commitment to the field. Most recently, he served as a Business Developer with Sysco, a role where he contributed significantly to the company's growth and success.

Prior to his tenure at Sysco, Josh spent nearly a decade as a Restaurant Operations Consultant for US Foods, a prominent player in the food service industry. His expertise in optimizing restaurant operations and his strategic insights made him an invaluable asset to the organization.

Designations & Highlights

Josh's professional journey is marked by significant designations and highlights. He served as the lead chef instructor and contributed to curriculum development at Le Cordon Bleu, earning the L'esprit d'excellence Award in 2010 and 2011 for his dedication to culinary education. Beyond education, Josh played a pivotal role in founding and licensing a successful restaurant concept in Northern California, later sold to one of his Licensees.

His leadership extends to roles such as Regional Chef for Rykoff-Sexton (now US Foods), executive chef for Via Veneto, Grazie, and Senior Sous Chef for Il Fornaio and Spuntino.

Academically, Josh holds an Associate of Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from City College San Francisco. He not only earned his degree but also served as an adjunct instructor at the institution, contributing to the development of the next generation of hospitality professionals for nearly a decade.

Josh's commitment to continuous learning is evident in his yearlong cooking apprenticeship at a Michelin star-rated restaurant in Rimini, Italy.

In addition to his roles in culinary and business development, Josh has excelled as a licensed agent in California, specializing in the sale of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. His achievements in this domain include completing over fifty deals and negotiating hundreds of leases.

His accolades include the prestigious President's Achievement Award from US Foods in 2018, five-time recipient of the "Star Award", Specialist of the Year from US Foods in 2016 and 2020. Furthermore, his dedication to education earned him nominations for Educator of the Year from Career Education Corporation in 2010 and 2011.