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When your business isn’t delivering…

Our Fresh Eyes Review process is a holistic & unbiased look at your business, with our industry experts. We look for what’s right (because there is always something right), and how to maximize this strength. We also look for and find the bottlenecks that block profit and give you the practical solutions that fit your business, for breakthrough success!

Fresh Eyes Business Review

The goal of the review is to find the Opportunities to:

  • Follow the flow of guest dollars to identify the opportunities for increasing revenue dollars and/or cost controls.
  • Improve overall profits and position the business to create an enduring legacy.
  • Build a strong brand and company culture.
  • Create consistent and repeatable standards for smoother operation. 

Review deliverable items Include:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the P&L
    • Prime cost breakdown
    • Month by month trends assessment 
    • Break-even tool
  • KPI benchmarks for daily management
    • Sales
    • Labor
    • Food cost budgeting parameters 
  • Labor assessment
    • Labor reporting
    • Workflow 
    • Standards of operation and accountability 
  • Actionable suggestions for the business
    • Sales
    • Efficiency
    • Cost controls
    • Strategic organizational structure for better communication
  • TBD on what we uncover 
  • Personal meeting times for one year to support improvements. 

Developing Your Team for Success

Personalized classes are designed to help you and your team reach the next level.

Sales Team Training: Teaching your front-line staff sales & service team techniques to maximize their sales potential and the restaurant’s revenue growth. Highlights: hospitality vs. service, unlocking your earning potential, practical methods and tools.

Manager 101: Crash course for managers and prospective managers on the basics of dealing with people, seeing the big picture, and how to make critical decisions. Highlights: leadership styles, business math, and HR practices (hiring, training, managing).

Manager Leadership Program: “The ability to lead others is critical for companies but something few people come by naturally”.  An in-depth look at developing your people into confident leaders, who can motivate and develop the front-line staff, build a positive company culture, and increase adaptability. Highlights: strategic thinking, building team dynamics and enhancement, conflict resolution, and ethical practice. 

A la Carte

Every restaurant is unique and cookie cutter solutions don't always work. The team at Navigator Consulting crafts solutions to your needs. 

  • Menu item costing.
  • Menu engineering. 
  • Menu design for maximum profitability.
  • Enticing descriptions.
  • Eye movement patterns.
  • Analyze and monitor success.
  • New openings and emerging concepts.
  • Leveraging third-party partnerships, broad liners, LCC negotiation and review, RFP.
  • Online presence audits- optimizing your “digital front door”.
  • Social media marketing and Google optimization.
  • Secret shopper.
  • Lease review/negotiation tips.
  • Additional profit streams.
  • Kitchen line flow analysis.
  • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats).

All trainings are available a la carte.